Article 21. The members of the Association may be those people who are interested in the development of the purposes of the Association.

Article 22. The members in the Association will be considered according to the following groups:

  1. Founders, those who were involved in the act of founding the Association
  2. Numerary, those who join after the foundation of the Association, distinguishing between:

— Individuals: Anyone who is interested in deepening his/her knowledge about the transpersonal discipline, distinguishing further between professionals and non-professionals.

— Organizations: Any institution with a clear and recognized activity in the transpersonal area or another area related to it.

  • Honorary, those recognized for their prestige or for his/her relevant contribution to the dignity and development of the Association, are entitled to distinction. The election of honorary members will correspond to the authority of the Board.

Article 23. The members will be given resignation for any of the following reasons:

  • Voluntary resignation communicated in writing to the Board.
  • Breach of financial obligations, if the member fails to pay 2 periodic fees

Article 24. Numerary members and founders will have the following rights:

  1. Take part in all activities organized by the Association in fulfillment of its purposes.
  2. Enjoy all the advantages and benefits that the Association may obtain.
  3. Participate in the Assemblies with voice and vote.
  4. Participate as a voter and candidate for directive positions.
  5. Receive information about the agreements adopted by the organs of the Association.
  6. Make suggestions to the members of the Board in the interest of achieving the aims of the Association.
  7. Have public representation as a member of the Association.
  8. Receive the ATI newsletter
  9. Benefit from discounts on conferences and certain courses
  10. Benefit from discounts on the Journal of Transpersonal Research subscription
  11. Being included in the ATI professional networking directory displayed on the website

Article 25. The founders and numerary members have the following obligations:

  1. To comply with the present Statutes and the approved agreements of the Assemblies and Board.
  2. Pay the fixed fees.
  3. Attend the Assemblies and other organized events.
  4. Perform the inherent obligations of the  position occupied.

Article 26. The honorary partners will have the same obligations as the founders and numerary members except for those obligations described in the sections  b) and d) of the preceding article. They will also have the same rights except those mentioned in the paragraphs c) and d) of the Article 24; they may attend meetings without voting rights.

Article 27. The financial resources foreseen for the development of the aims and activities of the Association are:

  1. Membership fees, regular or extraordinary.
  2. Grants, legacies or inheritances that may be legally received from members or third parties.
  3. Any other legal source

Article 28. The Association has no initial assets or Social Fund.

Article 29. The associative and economic activity will be annual and its closing date will take place on December 31 of each year.