The following institutions are part of the Ibero-American Transpersonal Association in the spirit of achieving a personal and global living from a more unitarian and transpersonal consciousness, expressed in different areas such as the social system, politics, education, economics, health and ecology. If you want to be part of this network, contact us.

Asociación Luso-Brasileña Transpersonal

Protuguese-Brazilian Transpersonal Association ALUBRAT (Brasil-Portugal)

The Portuguese-Brazilian Transpersonal Association is a non-profit organization that congregates professionals, students and people interested in Transpersonal Psychology and related disciplines, comprehending the interdisciplinary and holistic knowledge.

Centro Transpersonal de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Transpersonal Center of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

It is composed by a multidisciplinary staff and since 1994 it gives postgraduate academic training about Transpersonal Psychology, as well as many activities in-person and on line for the Spanish-speaking world.


Escuela de Psicología Transpersonal-Integral (Iberoamérica)

School of Transpersonal-Integral Psychology

Training and postgraduate studies in Transpersonal-Integral Psychology, through a theoretical- practical- experiential training method,  with over 30 years experience.


Primordial, Escuela de Coaching y Consultoría (Iberoamérica)

Primordial, Coaching School and  Consultancy.

Training in organizational approaches from the Transpersonal-Integral point of view. Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Perú, Uruguay y España.


Universidad Antropológica de Guadalajara (México)

Antropology University of Guadalajara (Mexico)

It is an educational accredited institution of humanistic inspiration. Its mission is to be a creator of change through innovation. Its slogan is: «be, know, and transcend».


Instituto Universitario Transpersonal (México)

University Transpersonal Institute (Mexico)

It is a center for specialized studies, which provides programs based on the fourth force of psychology; transpersonal. It is aimed to expand consciousness.

SASANA (Colombia)

SASANA (Colombia)

Learning community that creates spaces and projects for personal transformation, social relevance and organizational human management.



IPTB Institut de Psicologia Transpersonal de Barcelona

IPTB Institut de Psicologia Transpersonal de Barcelona (Spain)

Pioneering center with more than 25 years in the transpersonal field, certified by EUROTAS. It offers a private master program in transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy and organizes ethno-therapeutic journeys into the land of Shamans.

Bircham International University

Bircham International University

Online degree programs in Transpersonal Psychology available from anywhere in the world and at any time of the year. Distance learning higher education in Transpersonal Psychology aimed exclusively to working professionals and leading to graduate and postgraduate degrees in the field.