Transpersonal education includes al lsciences, disciplines, cultures, arts and creeds as well as the essence of all the Sacred Traditions integrating all in the fascinating world of humanity through which the self manifests sensitive and plastically.ATI


The Department of Education of the ATI aims to create a space for open dialogue in which the interest in the study and practical application of holistic evolutionary process of consciousness is the cornerstone of education understood, in its broad meaning,  to educate for life, for freedom, in love and transcendence,  from both an interdisciplinary as  transdisciplinary perspective.

Transpersonal education lies not only in the classroom but in life which is the school without walls or boundaries in which every human being educates and is educated through social interaction. It aims to promote, encourage and foster integral human development and the evolutionary process of consciousness, for which it is necessary to weave the knowledge of the past with the present, to be open to new discoveries as well as personal and transpersonal experiences that expands our horizon and to recognize and accept the natural tendency of every human being to the full development and transcendence, as well as the various ways in which knowledge is learned and apprehended.

Among its activities are:

  • Develop theoretical, practical and experiential resources that lead to the construction of a holistic educational approach that meets the needs and interests of the communities of the XXI century.
  • Create spaces in which access to the transpersonal approach is a vivid empirical evidence reflected in everyday reality.
  • Create partnerships with other departments of the ATI and institutions and related organizations.
  • Generate ideas, proposals and different criteria to be applied in the various disciplines and schools of thought.
  • Participate in online discussions on various applications of a transpersonal-holistic education.
  • Produce new publications on transpersonal education that contribute to the transformation of social structures more just and humane.
  • Propose and develop expert forums transpersonal researchers in education.
  • Promote the organization of conferences, seminars and conferences on the topic at hand.
  • Encourage the training of teachers and researchers in the field of transpersonal education.

If you are interested in any of these activities, please write us an email.