There are two types of individual membership:


a) SUPPORTER: Any person who wants to belong to the ATI, because he or she feels identified with its values and work.

b) PROFESSIONAL: A person who feels identified with the ATI values and work, holding a professional accreditation given by the ATI. To obtain such certification he or she needs to meet the criteria established by the Department of Accreditation. Currently we are working on the definition of these criteria that will be uploaded on the web. Subsequently all accredited professional will be publicly displayed in the ATI website.


If you want to become an ATI individual member, you are welcome to affiliate now and benefit from:


ATI newsletter

Receiving the ATI newsletter

Being included in the ATI Directory

Being included in the ATI networking directory displayed in the website (under construction)

40% and 20% discount

• 40% discount for the online subscription of the Journal of Transpersonal Research and 20% for the online + print subscription


Getting informed

Getting informed and being part of the activities developed by the association

Getting involved

Getting involved in the assemblies (optional)

30% discount

30% discount at any transpersonal conference worldwide, supported by ATI